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  • DEEP REST | A Day Retreat for Women

    The need for women to develop strategies to avoid burn-out has never been greater than in the post-pandemic era. But how to rest, and defining what rest even is, can be just the beginning of the obstacles that prevent women from taking care of themselves.  

    The women who most need slow down, rest, and share a day of conversation and community with other women are also the very women most likely NOT to attend a retreat.

    Deep Rest offers dedicated time to help women develop a realistic and practical self-care practice. You will learn about the female relationship with rest, productivity, and self-prioritization. We will explore ways to deal with obstacles like guilt, anxiety, and pleasing which prevent self-care for so many women. Come prepared to participate in large and small group sharing, journaling, connection with like-minded women, and time in nature for self-reflection. A nourishing yoga class and a catered lunch by Chautauqua dining is included.

    This intimate retreat experience is limited to 14 participants.

    $325 Includes Yoga and Delicious Lunch


    If you are reading this and thinking:

    I really need a day like this, but don’t have time.

    How could I possibly take an entire day to myself?

    I am so burned out, but —fill in a reason you are overbooked and overcommitted—I can’t go.

    Then this is the retreat for you.


    Historic Chautauqua, Boulder CO

    Saturday, February 25, 2023

    9am- 5:00pm



    A Day of Slowing Down,Yoga, Contemplation &  Community

    Benefits of the day include:


    Developing strategies for guilt-free


    Work-arounds for obstacles that prevent self-care and rest


    Time away from your daily responsibilities spent in connection with other women

    What women who attended the Summer & Fall 2022 retreats are saying:

                      “I am allowing myself to enjoy things in the moment, and not waiting to enjoy them later. I feel like I gained permission to go after                                                    what I want in life.”  Rosemary

    The day exceeded my expectations. I feel more grounded and tapped into issues I never gave much thought to before.” Jesse

    “I walked away feeling confident I can effectively tame my stress and anxiety by taking time for myself and not feel guilty about it!” Dawn 

                                     “The retreat really brings into focus both the deep need for rest and the importance of prioritizing our own rest in                                                                  improving our overall wellbeing.” Michelle


    Heather Carlson, MA, MFTC

    Heather Carlson, MA, MFTC is a therapist specializing in family & relationship therapy.  In addition to her private practice work, she is a spouse and mother, and passionate about women’s issues in family life. She has been creating curriculums and facilitating group experiences since 2018.


    Marin McCallen, ERYT-500

    Marin McCallen, ERYT-500, has been teaching yoga for over a decade, in that time leading classes, workshops, retreats and trainings, in Boulder county, and internationally. She prioritizes trauma-informed teaching and gravitates towards gentle and restorative practices, like Yin, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.