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    Say Yes to Yourself!

    If you are reading this and thinking you don’t have time, or you can’t take a day to yourself, or you are too burned out to join,

    Then This is the Moment to Make a Change!

    Time For Change

    Flourish workshops or mini-retreats offer the perfect space to take a pause and make a plan for better self-care. Often the hardest part of change is creating the time and space to reflect and consider what your needs are and what can be different.  In this skills based workshop you will participate in group activities and conversation blended with reflective quiet time. The power of group dynamics is harnessed to foster a learning environment where you will see that you are not alone in your struggle to find balance amongst the demands of your responsibilities. Flourish promises you’ll leave feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated, peaceful yet inspired, and brimming with new ideas and strategies for incorporating self-care into your regular routine. 

    Benefits of the day include:



    Workarounds for obstacles that prevent self-care and rest



    Developing tools & strategies for guilt-free self-prioritization



    A day away from the responsibilities of your life giving time & space to consider how to make change

    A Content Rich Experience

    Your workshop facilitator is Heather Carlson—a practicing therapist with a masters degree in couples and family therapy and is trained and experienced in leading group therapy. This sets Flourish apart from other workshops as it offers both a day of growth and new skill development, while also offering a soothing environment for change. Heather’s goal is to provide a day of learning where regular self-care becomes realistic and approachable – resulting in a more balanced life.

    Facilitated by a Woman Who Knows a Thing or Two About Burnout

    I am Heather Carlson, MA, LMFT and I developed Flourish after my own tangle with burnout. I am a working mother of three, still dancing with my husband of 23 years, and still learning how to say “no” though it’s hard when life is so full of things to say “yes” to! As a trained therapist and group facilitator I lead with a humble heart and a real-life understanding of the challenges you face when it comes to putting yourself first. My style of leading is warm and approachable, and just the right mix of playful with a serious desire to empower women to take better care of themselves. Also, I just so happen to be a Southerner and love to entertain, so every detail of your day has been thought of to provide a welcoming and calming learning environment.

    What past participants of past Flourish workshops are saying:

    I am allowing myself to enjoy things in the moment, and not waiting to enjoy them later. I feel like I gained permission to go after what I want in life.” – Rosemary

    The day exceeded my expectations. I feel more grounded and tapped into issues I never gave much thought to before.” – Jesse

    I walked away feeling confident I can effectively tame my stress and anxiety by taking time for myself and not feel guilty about it!” – Dawn

    The day really brings into focus both the deep need for rest and the importance of prioritizing our own rest in improving our overall wellbeing.” – Michelle

    Flourish Workshops & Mini-Retreats

    Learn to Live Differently