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  • Grow closer to your partner, your children, and the life you want to live

    I became a therapist because I believe that healthy and dependable relationships are the foundation of living a satisfying life. I founded Corner House Therapy to help people heal from life’s challenges, and learn to navigate relationships to take advantage of the connection and bonding we all deserve. Using evidence based therapies, my goal is to help you better understand yourself, the people most important to you, and feel more fulfilled in everyday life.

    Heather Carlson, MA, LMFT


    At times each of us needs a little help working through life’s inevitable challenges. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point, no matter how strong we may be. Whether you are struggling with personal issues or your relationships are in distress, you should know that change is possible.

    Each of us is equipped with awe-inspiring resilience and the capacity to heal and transform. At Corner House, my commitment is to serve as a guide and collaborator, helping you understand your situation, learn to do things differently, and, ultimately, experience change.

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