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  • Corporate Retreats & Employee Wellness Programs

    Self-care has long been a buzzword in the professional world, but defining what self-care is and how to practice it in a meaningful and sustainable way is often vague or unattainable. Post-pandemic teams and organizations face new challenges in maintaining cultures which support work-life balance. In this face-to-face experience teams work together to identify practices that will support healthy work-life balance – individually and organizationally.

    Employee Wellness Retreat Outcomes:

    – Community and team building
    – Cultural Shifts regarding focus on work-life balance
    – Increase creativity, productivity, problem solving &  critical thinking

    The Employee Wellness Retreat illuminates new definitions and conceptualizations of rest and self-care, along with realistic and achievable daily practices for preventing burnout. Coupled with infrastructures and standards that support wellbeing and work-life balance, the cultural shift that begins at the retreat can be sustained over time.  A diligently researched curriculum offers an experience based in neuroscience, organizational psychology, and experiential and systemic theory.

    “I noticed a shift in the feeling in the office upon coming back from retreat. There is a feeling of lightness and community that I know was facilitated by the day we spent together.” Law Firm Partner, Boulder, CO                    


    “I noticed a significant change in the office when we came back from retreat. Our office felt bonded and connected and there was a sense of lightness and community. I really think Heather helped us accomplish all our goals- thank you!” Non-Profit Executive Director, Louisville, CO                                                                               

    “I think Heather did a fantastic job of getting us to participate and connect with her and each other creating a space for us to feel safe to be vulnerable.” Paralegal, Denver, CO

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