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  • Individual Therapy

    At times, the positives in our lives get overshadowed or overwhelmed by the difficulties, and we can become stuck in negative thinking, behaviors, and circumstances. From this stuck-place, things that used to bring us joy no longer do, or our relationships seem more difficult and less satisfactory than before. Sometimes a traumatizing event or numerous traumas cause us to suffer and become seemingly trapped by fear. Other times, without necessarily knowing what is causing it, we experience anxiety, depression, or addictive behaviors.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to continue struggling this way. One of the hardest things to grasp while feeling stuck or hopeless is that there is a way out of your pain and struggle.

    I work individually with adults and young adults ages 18 and older who seek support for numerous reasons. Clients have described my style of therapy as approachable and warm while also practical and intentional. I believe my role is to serve as a guide and collaborator who walks alongside you as you grow and change. Together we will begin to understand how you got where you are and what you can do to feel better and improve your situation. We will uncover your strengths and resources, empowering you to cope with challenges without feeling lost or overwhelmed. In part, living well means facing your life with an increased ability to respond successfully to stress and hardship. Together we will work to restore your hope and cultivate resiliency for a future that looks different than today. 

    Notable Areas of Experience and Focus:

    At this time, I am accepting appointments for individuals, including several areas of focus: adjustment to college life, young adult “launching” related issues, adult ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Depression. Additionally, I have addiction treatment experience and may be the right fit for therapy if you are seeking help with substance use issues.

    Wondering if I’m the right therapist for you? I offer a free 20-minute phone or video consultation to help you make a decision. Please get in touch with me to schedule your free consultation today.